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Application Development   

Application development is the connecting bridge that enables an idea to complete the journey from conception to reality. Application development is as much about technology as it is about formulating business processes and refining them. Quality application development is the touchstone of identifying an established and mature software company. Developing quality applications has shaped GCS's evolution and we do the whole nine yards of it.

GCS provides application development in the areas of client /server, wireless, embedded systems and web application development

The approach taken by GCS during Application Development is as follows

Research: GCS firmly believes that research is a critical component of any custom application development. Our experience has proven consistently that though the benefits of this approach are intangible in the beginning they become perceptible as the project progresses. Initial research provides the necessary platform to understand the broad scope and objectives of the application including feasibility, competition involved, frameworks available, alternatives and a good understanding of the needs of the targeted audience.

Regroup: The research component opts for a multi directional approach and provides information on distinct facets of the application being developed viz. technology aspects, feature aspects, flow aspects, target audience preferences and competition involved. The regrouping exercise ensures that the research feedback is categorized in a structured manner and also provides metrics if further research is needed on any of the components.

Assimilate: At this stage, the original set of requirements provided by the clients that formed basis for both research and regrouping exercises, are assimilated to provide a single source for consolidating the final requirements. This exercise is to collate all the information gathered and subject it to further refinement to be undertaken as part of the consolidation phase.

Consolidate: This is the most critical component of the surveying process as the final requirements are drafted at this point. This stage eliminates ambiguities and captures the final set of requirements in an objective manner. All the requirements are frozen on an interactive basis with the client. This culminates the surveying process and paves way for creating the blueprint of the custom application.
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Programming Services

Offshore software development translates to a gamut of services of which programming services is a key value enhancer.

GCS has rich experience in providing programming services using cutting-edge technologies.

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