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Enterprise Resource Planning
In today's competitive market, companies need to be demand-driven in their operations. By computerising their multifarious activities and bringing them under one roof, the managements get to gain new market insights and also the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

An ERP solution enables you to optimize your operations, identify potential opportunities, respond to changing business scenarios, identify shortcomings in current work model and rectify them, and adopt best practices across your organization.

An ERP software helps an organisation to:

  Adopt manufacturing best practices
  Make better business decisions
  Deliver the right product at the right time
  Keep customer promises
  Save inventory carrying cost and calculate exact delivery times for their customers

But, not every company can afford to go for products like SAP or Baan. Realizing this need, GCS has pooled together 75 man-years of its experience to create ERP solutions for the Small and Medium sectors

GCS's ERP software is a fully integrated business solution that gives organizations in a variety of industries complete control over the planning and management of all facets of their operations, including manufacturing, accounting and sales. With access to real-time information, a business can leverage our ERP software to respond rapidly to changing circumstances, react quickly to customer demands, reduce operating costs through streamlined processes and workflow automation and outpace the competition.

You are not limited to existing functionality as the modules can be easily personalized to suit your unique needs. Our solutions also facilitate efficient incorporation of new business processes as and when needed - thereby remaining constantly aligned with your business. Also, the modular nature of GCS's ERP solutions allows a firm to select those functions needed to increase operational control and effectiveness. GCS's ERP software is enhanced and upgraded on an ongoing basis.

Normally, ERP projects fail due to a lack of alignment with business practices. But with GCS's products you get great flexibility in configuring the solution to suit your business needs.

By implementing GCS's ERP solutions, organizations can reduce Total Cost of Ownership and enjoy a faster Return on Investment

The two major domains of business services are
     ERP Development
     Consultancy Services
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"Over the next five years, the ERP market in India is expected to reach Rs 1,550 crore ($341 million)"


"Indian ERP market will grow at a CAGR of 25.2per cent over the next five years. The ERP market was $83 million in 2004 and is forecast to be over $250 million in 2009."

- ARC Advisory

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