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Business Process Outsourcing


The outsourcing industry has exploded in the last few years. According to Forbes, it is the most significant business practice in the past year. Cost reduction and the availability of talented resources have made several global companies flock to offshore locations like India. Today, more core processes and specialized services are being outsourced to India as recognition of the expertise and skills available is growing

GCS offers BPO services in the following sectors:

    Accounting Services
    Data Entry
    Forms Processing
    Data Conversion
Rather than serving as a mere external agency, GCS strives to become an integral part of its customers, organizations, helping them in carrying out tasks for which they do not have the resources or expertise.
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"Over the last decade, India has been the leading offshore destination for global IT and BPO industries. India is in a position to sustain its global leadership position, grow its offshore IT and BPO industries at an annual rate greater than 25 per cent, and generate export revenues of about US$60 billion by 2010"
  - McKinsey & Company  
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